Window Crank Repair and Replacement

What are window cranks?

The window crank is a device used to open and close casement windows and awning windows whether vinyl or wood. They are fastened using screw holes in the windows frame. The crank consists of a metal handle, usually curved, with a long pivot rod at one end that attaches to the window sash. The crank is turned by hand to either open or close the window. Most cranks are designed to be mounted on the inside of the window frame, not outside it. The crank has two sections, the crank mechanism, and the crank arm or handle. The crank mechanism does most of the work, providing leverage through gearing to the swing an arm that opens and closes the window which is fastened to the frame via hinges. You can learn more about window hinges here.

What causes window cranks to break or stop working?

Window cranks do not require lubrication and when they break it’s typically because of natural wear and tear over time, water damage, wind damage or forceful operation.  If a window is open during high winds it can cause damage to the gearing mechanism as can water damage due to corrosion and rust.  When this happens you may not be able to operate the window properly and can also potentially cause damage to the hinges.

What do I do when my window crank breaks?

When your window’s old crank breaks, the first step is to temporarily secure the window to the frame and lock it in place until a technician can replace the crank with a new one. Repair of the actual crank is often not an option as the gears inside eventually wear out and fail. In these cases, you should simply replace the old broken crank with a new crank. A new window crank is not difficult to install and can be mounted using the existing screw holes and screws in the window frame. If the window frame is made of wood and rotted, excessively damaged, or broken then an entire window replacement may be required to fix the issue, although this is rare and not a common measure.

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Can I just ignore a broken crank?

A broken window crank is not just about convenience. Proper crank functionality is also about the security of your home. Ideal security entails that all egress to your home is secured. If you need a new crank, our window crank replacement will make your window swing open and close like it’s new again. A broken window crank can also lead to damage to the hinges as excessive force is often used to force the entire window. A new crank can save the life of your window hinges which is often overlooked.

Who manufactures window cranks?

Truth is the leader in casement window hardware. Most homes use truth hardware for their windows as they are the largest manufacturer in North America. For additional information about Truth hardware, you can visit their site here.

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