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GTA Glass & Door service: One-stop solution for door and window repair in aurora

GTA Glass & Door service is the leading aurora window repair or door repair company. Our expert team provides glass replacement and glass repairs for all sizes and types of windows. We have worked effectively with many clients for sliding door repair and commercial and residential window or door glass repair services. Our services involve both a single window and a thermal pane. There are many unavoidable circumstances, like broken awning windows, window cranks, broken window frames, break-ins, glass planes, busted doors, and many more. Our professional technicians are here to help you when you face these issues. We offer effective and efficient window repair services to our customers 24 hours with great quality products.

Our solutions

GTA Glass & Door service is a one-stop shop for all your aurora window repair or door repair needs. We are committed to offering immediate solutions so that you can stay safe and secure at your residence and office.

Window repair

Our expert team can help with aurora window repair, including foggy window glass, broken window panes, screen doors, and foggy window panes for both residential and commercial buildings. Before taking any action, our repairman will properly examine the issue and offers you the best service.

Door Repair

When it comes to restoring, installing, or repairing the door panels in your commercial or residential spaces, we are always here to assist you with our full potential. We ensure you get the most effective result with the door repair service.

Emergency glass repair

Emergency glass needs may come at any time. So, our emergency team always stays on standby 24/7 to provide glass door or window repair in aurora. Our commercial and residential customers trust us to address their emergency glass repair needs.

Storefront replacement

We offer excellent storefront glass door repair service in aurora. Our experienced team gets involved in restoring and repairing damaged glass in commercial buildings.

Door break-in repair

GTA Glass & Door service work on all types of building when replacing or repairing frame or door that burglars have kicked in.

Our repair and replacement work process

At GTA Glass & Door service, we follow proper guidelines and safety measures to offer you the best aurora windows and door repair services. Our professionals are trained with the essential skills so that you can get an effective solution for your door and window need.


When we get a call from our customers regarding a broken glass door or window for their commercial or residential building, then our team takes the immediate step to ensure the critical condition of your door or window. We ensure there is no glass debris by taking measurements and studying the extent of the damage. After that, we ensure the removal of the broken window glass. Next, our team will share the most acceptable methods to repair your glass. If we cannot repair it immediately, we plan to replace it later. Throughout the process, our professional team will ensure the aurora windows and doors repairing work is done professionally and quickly without impacting your property.


The GTA Glass & Door service team incorporates the most effective technique for broken glass door or window repair in aurora. Additionally, our team uses cutting-edge equipment and adheres to safety standards to perform the task. After finishing the repair work, we also cleaned up the working area and the installed glass to respect your property.


When you need glass door or window repair in aurora, our expert team discusses a comprehensive approach with you by considering the appropriate solution for glass repair. After your approval of the proposed methods, we will immediately begin our repair work.

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Whether you need help with broken awning windows, break-ins, glass planes, window cranks, broken window frames, or busted doors, GTA Glass & Door service is always near you. We are just a call away. 

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