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Residential glass and mirror services for all your need

Looking for a glass mirror repair in Toronto? GTA Glass & Door Service is the number
one source for residential glass and mirror projects. We are a well-known and full-service
residential glass company that ensures to provide extraordinary results through dedication,
hard work, communication, and superior products.
GTA Glass & Door Service is working with families in and around the Toronto area,
installing frameless shower doors, mirrors, outdoor windows, tub enclosures, and many more.
Our company follows three basic standards: quality glass installation, fair pricing, and
amazing customer service. Our Toronto mirror repair service involves qualified and skilled
professionals. Get connected with our professional technicians to receive immediate help.

Our residential services for glass and mirror

We focus on excellent work and quality services for glass residential services, so we hire
professional technicians to handle the job in specific areas.

Shower Doors

Our expert team can efficiently and quickly repair any issue with your shower doors, including damaged glass, broken hinges, and leaks. At GTA Glass & Door Service, we offer affordable and reliable Residential Glass and Mirror services to ensure your shower looks great and functions properly.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures give any kind of bathroom a modern and sleek look. Our residential glass services include fabricating, designing, and installing frameless shower enclosures. At GTA Glass & Door Service, we offer maintenance and repair services and give custom solutions to fit all spaces. By contacting our professional technicians, you can improve and update your bathroom's functionality and look.

French Windows & Doors

If you are looking for French windows and doors, then connect with GTA Glass & Door Service. We offer an elegant and classic touch to any home. Our residential glass services in Toronto include fabricating, designing and installing French windows and doors. We provide a great way to enhance your house's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Embedded Glass Doors

When looking for a stylish and unique addition to any of your exterior or interior spaces, GTA Glass & Door Service gives you excellent services for embedded glass doors. Our professional technician gives custom solutions for all glass and mirror repairs in Toronto.

Glass Etchings

At GTA Glass & Door Service, we offer an artistic and beautiful way to add privacy and design to any glass surface with glass etchings. We offer excellent residential glass services in Toronto to enhance and personalize the aesthetic appeal of your house.

This is not all! Our professionals are skilled in emergency glass and mirror repair, insulated
glass replacement, sliding and stationary glass patio door installation, and many more.

Why choose us?

We give you several reasons to choose us for all your needs related to window glass repair
in Toronto.

Professional technicians

The damaged or broken glass and mirrors can be a safety hazard, requiring replacement as quickly as possible. Our professional technicians can offer safe and efficient glass and mirror repair solutions in Toronto.

Improve the aesthetic appeal

If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space, then contact our professionals. We ensure to enhance the overall look and feel of the space with our excellent services for glass repair in Toronto.

Custom solution

Our services for glass window repair in Toronto give custom solutions to fit any space. We offer a range of options for mirrors and glass, including different sizes, shapes, and finishes, to meet the specific preferences and needs of the client.

24/7 services

At GTA Glass & Door Service, we offer 24/7 services for glasses repair in Toronto. You can visit our website for any kind of glass and mirror issue.

Save money and time

Our services for door glass repair in Toronto can save you money and time in the long run. We can repair broken glass or mirror promptly to prevent more costly repairs and further damage.

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